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BalaMasa Womens Lace-Up Chunky Heels Platform Urethane Flats-Shoes Beige WNIyJKhBS
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BalaMasa Womens Lace-Up Chunky Heels Platform Urethane Flats-Shoes Beige WNIyJKhBS

Bad software architecture isn’t a problem that will magically be solved with microservices; this just shifts the problem from one poorly-structured codebase to many. And as renowned developer Simon Brown astutely states:

“If you can’t build a well-structured monolith, what makes you think microservices is the answer?”

Alright, time for some positivity – there are some really great reasons to move to microservices. While we mentioned a few areas that can be false flags for moving away from monolith architecture, if you’re encountering any of these issues - now or in the future - microservices may be for you:

Even with the utmost care when companies grow, communication can become an ever-increasing drain on productive development time. If you carve out a whole self-contained area of functionality, you can give teams autonomy and reduce communication/organizational overhead!

We did this with our Order Management Suite, an area with enough complexity and breadth of features to keep a team busy!

Monoliths lump mission-critical features with completely negligible ones. Given SHIFT operates an enterprise-scale platform, we have to manage certain areas very carefully, but we don’t want to allow that to hamper our agility in others.

An example of this is our admin panel, for which outages (planned or otherwise) or bugs have far less severe impact than if carts stopped working on our client’s websites!

You can probably squeeze out far more scalability from monoliths than you’d expect, and it’s really important you validate you’re not just moving a cost from infrastructure to your expensive development and support engineering teams, but there are times when using other technologies simply makes more sense, for example Node.js or Go are going to be more efficient for slow request handling than Ruby.

At SHIFT, we extracted our integration system, which was making a lot of varied calls, to external HTTP services. Using Node.js for this left Ruby to deal with a more consistent pattern of requests.

No matter how you slice your application, a common principle to succeed with microservices is keeping the resulting applications decoupled from one another. Otherwise, you’re bound to face a litany of downsides. Some see the irony - or humor - in this outcome:

We replaced our monolith with micro services so that every outage could be more like a murder mystery.

Requiring real-time, consistent access to functionality or data managed by another service is a recipe for disaster – so we look for clean lines of segregation and pass the rest of the data around asynchronously. This avoids the indirection of one service calling another, that calls another, and so on.

This begs the question: what should live in the middle and help services communicate?

There are a variety of message brokers you could use, such as ActiveMQ and RabbitMQ, but SHIFT chose a managed Apache Kafka service for the following reasons:

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In L'imparfait , almost all verbs conjugate in the same way, but verbs ending in -ger require a slight spelling change- an extra 'e' after the soft 'g' - to keep the pronunciation [j].

L'imparfait , verbs ending in

Notice that in the nous and vous forms, the -e of mange has been removed because the -i is enough to keep the g soft.


Listen to these examples:

Je man geais des pâtes. I used to eat pasta.

Tu ran geais ta chambre? Were you tidying your room?

Elle voya geait beaucoup. She used to travel a lot.

Nous chan gions de voiture tous les ans. We changed cars every year.

Vous voya giez tout le temps. You used to travel all the time.

Ils man geaient leurs crottes de nez. They used to eat their bogies. (ew!)

(to eat)
(to tidy)
(to change)
(to travel) (to share) etc See also Conjugate semi-regular -cer verbs in L'Imparfait (imperfect tense)

Learn more about these related French grammar topics


Verbes « semi-réguliers »

Examples and resources

Elle voya beaucoup. She used to travel a lot.

Ils man geaient leurs crottes de nez. They used to eat their bogies. (ew!)

Tu ran ta chambre? Were you tidying your room?

Je man des pâtes. I used to eat pasta.

Vous voya tout le temps. You used to travel all the time.

Nous chan de voiture tous les ans. We changed cars every year.

Conjugate semi-regular -ger verbs in L'Imparfait (imperfect tense)

28 June 2018

4 replies

"Nous changions de voiture tous les ans". Why can't we say "Nous changions une/notre voiture tous les ans"?

When do we use "changer de" and when do we use "changer"? What is their difference?

Thank you


29 June 2018


Hi Joan,

and have a very similar meaning albeit not exactly the same.

-- to switch, to change over, a change of something -- to change, to exchange

-- We used to have a change of cars every year. -- We used to change the car every year.

That's my understanding of the matter, but the opinion of a native speaker would be appreciated.

-- Chris (not a native speaker).

changions de
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