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American Rag Womens Madora Open Toe Casual Ankle Strap Sandals Black 2fip8
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American Rag Womens Madora Open Toe Casual Ankle Strap Sandals Black 2fip8 American Rag Womens Madora Open Toe Casual Ankle Strap Sandals Black 2fip8 American Rag Womens Madora Open Toe Casual Ankle Strap Sandals Black 2fip8 American Rag Womens Madora Open Toe Casual Ankle Strap Sandals Black 2fip8
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Funny, I am reading this as I sip a drink I concocted with a little lemon preserve. I made a jar more than a month ago and am looking for ways to use them. It is a hot day here which means I need salt so I decided to add a little lemon preserve to my coconut water, ginger tea, fizzy water blend. It is really refreshing!

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Christina B. says

I finally opened my jar of lemons that I started last December. I made roast chicken with one sliced in half amongst the juices. It was heavenly! Next time I will ferment thesm in my fido jars since I did get a mold cap that was pretty funky. I tossed the first two layers of lemons. I used a 2 gallon jar and forgot about it for far too long. Thanks for the idea!

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Karen says

I’ve read that if the lemons are not bone-dry when you pack them, you’ll get mould. It’s something about tap water. As well, you don’t have to worry about oxidation if you keep turning the jar upside down every so often. Needless to say, I use real lids when I make my lemons.

And, to the person who said her lemons were too salty, you need to rinse them off before you use them…depending on your taste and what you’re making, that is.


I never rinsed mine! The longer they ferment, the milder they get, in my experience.


joy says

Hi! Are you referring to the olives or the lemons in the first paragraph of “fermenting lemons in morocco?



Treasa says

I did the morrocan lemons in a gallon jar about 2 weeks ago.. My jar has a fermenting lid on it and they seem to be doing well I don’t see any molds but some of the rinds are now above the brine. with this be an issue?


You always want the fruit or vegetable to be beneath the brine. Try a weight to push the lemons down.


Meredith Reichmann says

Kentucky Sports Radio

University of Kentucky Basketball, Football, and Recruiting news brought to you in the most ridiculous manner possible.
Browse: / Football / SEC Football Preview: Quarterbacks
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(Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports)

For the next few weeks leading up until the start of the College Football season, I will be previewing different teams, players, and more from the SEC. This week I preview the most important position on the field for each team: the position of quarterback. Teams are listed by alphabetical order.

SEC West


The Crimson Tide have the best problem college football. They have a competitive quarterback competition between two fantastic options in Jalen Hurts and Tua Tagovailoa.

While Tua is obviously the better passer, he tends to gamble at times which will result in more overall interceptions than Hurts will have. In past seasons, Saban has used Hurts primarily as a game manager and in the ground attack so it will be hard for Saban to go against Hurts as the starter.

However, Tua’s arm talent speaks for itself. I expect Saban will go with the sophomore to start the season under center, and that Alabama will have its best passing attack possibly in Saban’s tenure there.

This program has never had a quarterback win the Heisman Trophy, but that has a strong chance of happening this year if Tua starts and turns the ball over at a low rate. Believe the hype, folks.


We go from one of the best quarterback situations in the SEC at Tuscaloosa, to one of the most uncertain in Fayetteville. The Razorbacks are a team in transition as they are adopting an offensive spread system under new head coach Chad Morris.

While last year’s starter Austin Allen departs, Arkansas does return sophomore Cole Kelley who saw considerable time under center last season when Allen was injured.

While Kelley seems like the favorite just because of his arm strength, experience, and size (6’7) it’s not certain who Morris will pick to run his new spread system as there are other talented QB’s on the roster.

Expect to see an improvement in the air-attack no matter who wins the job thanks to the new pass-friendly system.


Welcome to the Jarrett Stidham show. After a solid first year in the SEC (18-6 TD-INT ratio, 3,000+ passing yards) the former Baylor transfer enters this season with not only some Heisman hype but NFL hype as well.

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Lysa, I just have to tell you that as one who was sitting in the audience that night, you were not the least bit stinky. In fact, you were stunning. God was speaking in and through you and I was floored. I heard you three times at SS’10, and not once was I disappointed. THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU for your ministry and for putting together such a phenominal conference experience for us all. It was absolutely worth every penny and every second. See you in Sioux City in January! Your friend in the 8-Story house

Vicky Samuel says

Lysa, I am always encouraged in one way or the other each time I go through your blog. May the good Lord empower you continuosly in Jesus name.

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LOVE IT! My mom, who is one of the most well put-together, proper, Godly women ever always use to tell me, “I can’t stand it when women act like their poopy don’t stink.” =) I will never ever forget it!!

Cindy says

I sat in the audience at She Speaks this weekend and was so very impressed by how ‘real’ you are – that comes through when you speak. I took two of your break out sessions and even had a chance to speak with you. I wanted to say THANK YOU for writing ‘Becoming More than a Good Bible Study Girl’ and you were so gracious. You thanked me and even autographed my book. I have learned so much already and am still trying to absorb the weekend. I was already impressed with the Godliness of the P31 staff, but am especially so now that I have actually met many of you. Your collective pursuit of God is so evident, the passion for Jesus and life change is there – in all of you, it is there!! Thank you again!!

Lysa- That line is a huge gift to me today. I was filled to overflowed at She Speaks last weekend and then came home to the chaos of my life with a terminally ill child. He’s been a bit unstable lately with GI so we’ve been talking about poop a lot! LOL My husband had a work trip this week so all was left on me. My son will be 13 this fall and is struggling so much with the decline of his body and no the increased restrcitions on what he can eat. He’s been quite aggressive physically and verbally and it’s been hard. I’ve found my self this afternoon feeling quite upset with him and not compassionate at all in spite of all he’s enduring.

And then there’s your truth…. my poop stinks just like yours… which today for me reminded me that I have the same frustration and anger in me, the fears of his decline, and am in no place to judge him or react with anything less than God’s grace and compassion.

Thank you for the reminder!

Becky says

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