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AllhqFashion Womens PU Low-top Solid Zipper Kitten-Heels Boots Black 4C3PtdxN
  • PU
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately 12 centimeters from arch
  • heel measure: 2 3/8"
  • Non-Slipping Sole
  • 100% High Quality; Condition: Brand New with Box; Made In China
  • Upper Material : PU, Soft Material; Lining Material: Velvet Lining
AllhqFashion Womens PU Low-top Solid Zipper Kitten-Heels Boots Black 4C3PtdxN AllhqFashion Womens PU Low-top Solid Zipper Kitten-Heels Boots Black 4C3PtdxN AllhqFashion Womens PU Low-top Solid Zipper Kitten-Heels Boots Black 4C3PtdxN AllhqFashion Womens PU Low-top Solid Zipper Kitten-Heels Boots Black 4C3PtdxN AllhqFashion Womens PU Low-top Solid Zipper Kitten-Heels Boots Black 4C3PtdxN
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Insane Poetry Blacc Plague Deadly Virus Edition: Lando's Fucking Honest Reviews Issue #14

Insane Poetry Blacc Plague Deadly Virus Edition: Lando's Fucking Honest Reviews Issue #14

1. Deadly Virus: "DAAAAAAMMMMMNNNNN!! This might be a shorty but it's a goody to start offthis album!! Beat is off the chain!! Lyrics are 250% fffiiirrreee!! The only obvious complaint I'dhave is that it's way too short, other then that I fucking love it!!"

2. Wrong Neck of the Woods: "Looking for a track with old school beat lyrics made out of fire?!Then give this jam a listen!! This track made me want to listen to more than once before movingonto the next!! Chorus is something you want to rap along to!!"

3. Who Runs the Mothafucka: "God damn I sure am loving this track!! The chorus is shit alongwith the lyrics of fire!! Another beat that reminds me of my childhood listening to hip-hop legendslike Eazy-E or Dr. Dre!! Great track for everyone!!"

4. You Better Ask Somebody: "Oh damn another jam I had to listen to multiple times beforemoving onto the next!! Perfect beat for this track!! Lyrics were off the chain as only InsanePoetry could do!! Chorus was most def the shit!! Check this track out ya'll!!"

5. On Deadly Ground: "Well the beat doesn't remind me of old school hip-hop but more liketoday's horrorcore!! Lyrics were the shit as usual!! Chorus made me go, AAAHHH SHIT!!Headbanger for sure!!"

6. Niggaz Only Live to Die: "Now you get back to old school beat with fire lyrics that'll make youwant to move that head to!! Chorus was done very well like homie always does!! Yet anotherone I had to listen to before moving onto the next!!"

7. Home of the Bodybagz: "Another jam I could personally fuck with on a daily basis!! Lyricswere pretty fucking tight as I already expected from Insane Poetry!! Chorus was pretty fuckingfire the beat kind of sounded like old school hip-hop mixed with some beats I'll be hearing intoday's horrorcore tracks!! Another banger for ya'll!!"

8. Killa Instincts: "Oh shit, lyrics made out of that pure fffiiirrreee for your ears!! I loved how thechorus reminds me of the Friday the 13th movies when you hear KILL KILL!! The beat againsounds like a mix of old school hip-hop with horrorcore that I really loved in these type oftracks!!"

9. In the Mouth of Madness: "This track makes me think people would mosh to in the show!! Theenergy filled beat made me headbang so much I got a cramp in my neck!! Lyrics were tight asfuck!! I had to listen to this on repeat while I was getting re-familiar with this album cause it'sthe shit!!"

10. Mirror, Mirror: "This track's beat reminds me of old hood movies I grew up listening to!! Ialmost caught myself wanting to rap along with the chorus!! Those lyrics those, pure motherfucking fire from the wicked lyrics from the one only Insane Poetry!! I recommend this track toeverybody!!"

11. How the Wickit Kickit': "Most definitely a fucking hanger right here ya'll!! Beat was off thechain!! Lyrics were clearly dope as hell!! The chorus was the shit that made me personallyHAVE TO give it another listen before moving on!!"

12. City of the Damned (Remix): "Well this is it folks the last track of this album!! I really likedthis one for sure!! Beat was tight as fuck!! Lyrics were my type of jam chorus was that fire thatI kept expecting from Insane Poetry!! The only thing is that I do wish it was just a minute longercause it was such a great track but it is what it is!!"

(Lando's Final Thoughts)

Well first off huge shout out to Insane Poetry!! I have to say the first time I heard this album backin 2009 or 2010 I was really impressed. I'm not really sure but I think this was my first InsanePoetry album I heard. The lyrics were tight thru out the whole album. I really digged the beats the chorus for each track made me want to listening back then now in 2018!! Great album bywhat I personally see as a legend in the horrorcore game that will not disappoint any fan of theunderground!! If you don't own a hardcopy or a digital version of this album then I suggest youdo that shit right now cause will be missing out on a great album in my honest opinion!!

Much Love,Lando

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Further, notice that the ideal codeword length for a was 0.5 bits, and the ideal codeword length for a a was 1 bit. Ideal codeword lengths add, even when they’re fractional! So, if we communicate a lot of events at once, the lengths will add.

There is a very real sense in which one can have fractional numbers of bits of information, even if actual codes can only use whole numbers.

(In practice, people use particular coding schemes which are efficient to different extents. InterestPrint Womens Comfort Mary Jane Flats Casual Walking Shoes Multi 5 9pwyc
, which is basically the kind of code we've sketched out here, doesn't handle fractional bits very gracefully -- you have to group symbols, like we did above, or use more complicated tricks to approach the entropy limit. Arithmetic coding is a bit different, but elegantly handles fractional bits to be asymptotically optimal.)

If we care about communicating in a minimum number of bits, these ideas are clearly fundamental. If we care about compressing data, information theory addresses the core questions and gives us the fundamentally right abstractions. But what if we don’t care – are they anything other than curiosities?

Ideas from information theory turn up in lots of contexts: machine learning, quantum physics, genetics, thermodynamics, and even gambling. Practitioners in these fields typically don’t care about information theory because they want to compress information. They care because it has a compelling connection to their field. Quantum entanglement can be described with entropy. 9 Many results in statistical mechanics and thermodynamics can be derived by assuming maximum entropy about the things you don’t know. 10 A gambler’s wins or losses are directly connected to KL divergence, in particular iterated setups. Dearfoams Mens MF Suede Clog Withcuff Slipper Chestnut cqEDGvcn7

Information theory turns up in all these places because it offers concrete, principled formalizations for many things we need to express. It gives us ways of measuring and expressing uncertainty, how different two sets of beliefs are, and how much an answer to one question tells us about others: how diffuse probability is, the distance between probability distributions, and how dependent two variables are. Are there alternative, similar ideas? Sure. But the ideas from information theory are clean, they have really nice properties, and a principled origin. In some cases, they’re precisely what you care about, and in other cases they’re a convenient proxy in a messy world.

Machine learning is what I know best, so let’s talk about that for a minute. A very common kind of task in machine learning is classification. Let’s say we want to look at a picture and predict whether it’s a picture of a dog or a cat. Our model might say something like “there’s a 80% chance this image is a dog, and a 20% chance it’s a cat.” Let’s say the correct answer is dog – how good or bad is it that we only said there was an 80% chance it was a dog? How much better would it have been to say 85%?

Note to Editors:

“External immunity in ant societies: sociality and colony size do not predict investment in antimicrobials”

Authors : Clint A. Penick, Arizona State University; Omar Halawani, Bria Pearson and Adrian A. Smith, North Carolina State University and the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences; Stephanie Mathews, Campbell University; Margarita López-Uribe, Pennsylvania State University; and Robert R. Dunn, North Carolina State University and University of Copenhagen

Published : Feb. 7, Royal Society Open Science

DOI : 10.1098/rsos.171332

Abstract: Social insects live in dense groups with a high probability of disease transmission and have therefore faced strong pressures to develop defenses against pathogens. For this reason, social insects have been hypothesized to invest in antimicrobial secretions as a mechanism of external immunity to prevent the spread of disease. However, empirical studies linking the evolution of sociality with increased investment in antimicrobials have been relatively few. Here we quantify the strength of antimicrobial secretions among 20 ant species that cover a broad spectrum of ant diversity and colony sizes. We extracted external compounds from ant workers to test whether they inhibited the growth of the bacterium Staphylococcus epidermidis . Because all ant species are highly social, we predicted that all species would exhibit some antimicrobial activity and that species that form the largest colonies would exhibit the strongest antimicrobial response. Our comparative approach revealed that strong surface antimicrobials are common to particular ant clades, but 40% of species exhibited no antimicrobial activity at all. We also found no correlation between antimicrobial activity and colony size. Rather than relying on antimicrobial secretions as external immunity to control pathogen spread, many ant species have likely developed alternative strategies to defend against disease pressure.



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10 North Carolina Musicians Who Shaped American Music

Ten legendary musicians that make a case for the importance of North Carolina as a root source for American sound.

Raleigh, NC 27695 919.515.2011

So the manuscript was made in northern France, possibly Rouen, around the year 1465. But for WHOM was it made? To answer that question, we have to conduct a detailed textual investigation of several sections of the manuscript: the calendar, the Hours of the Virgin, the Litany, the Office of the Dead, and the suffrages.

Liturgical calendars such as the one in this Book of Hours are universal, as opposed to year-specific, and indicate which saint is to be commemorated on which day (they also help you determine the date of Easter and which days are Sundays in any particular year, but that’s another story). Saints are presented in a hierarchy indicated by color: saints in black ink are of “normal” importance, while those in red are more so (hence the expression “red-letter day”).

The first half of September in the New Bedford Hours, with the Nativity of the Virgin Mary in blue and the Exaltation of the Cross in red (f. 9)

Some calendars give a third level of importance, indicated by blue or gold ink. In the present manuscript, saints are written in black, red, and blue, with the latter reserved for the most important saints. It is those more colorful saints that are likely to provide significant evidence of the liturgical use of the manuscript. You want to look for atypical saints, that is, saints who aren’t apostles, or early Roman martyrs, or Biblical characters such as Jesus, Mary Magdalene, John the Baptist, or the Virgin Mary. Saints in red or blue who are unusual are the clues you’re looking for. If those saints also appear in the litany or the suffrages, you know you’ve hit upon critical evidence for determining the Use of the manuscript.

Most of the red and blue saints in the New Bedford Hours are either of the Biblical variety or are typically French (such as St. Katherine or St. Egidius) and so are not of much use in localization; we already knew from stylistic evidence that the manuscript was from France. But one blue saint stands out: St. Ursinus, Bishop of Bourges, on June 11. In fact, St. Ursinus appears in this calendar four times: January 5 (the Octave, written in black), June 11 (his Translation, i.e. the commemoration of the movement of his relics from one place to another, in blue), November 9 (in black, the “Revelatio,” or revealing of his relics), and December 29 (in red). In addition, Ursinus appears in the litany, in the list of Confessors. Clearly, St. Ursinus was of particular importance to the patron of this manuscript. The next stop is the online “ Zeitrechnung des Deutschen Mittelalters und der Neuzeit ,” an online version of Hermann Grotefend’s dictionary of Saints. Each alphabetical entry gives the date(s) on which a particular saint was commemorated and where they were of particular importance. For Ursinus, however, Grotefend does not mention June 11. Time to break out the big guns.

The most detailed and lengthy dictionary of Saints is the Acta Sanctorum , begun by the Jesuit scholar Jean Bolland (1596 – 1665) in 1643 and carried on by the Société des Bollandists , who continue the work to this day. The Acta Sanctorum is organized calendrically and, like a great cathedral, is continually under construction; the 60+ published volumes cover only January through November. If you’re looking for a December date, you’re out of luck, since only an introduction to that month has been written so far. The volumes are enormous in size and copious in content, with each month filling three or four books. Many university libraries own the whole set, but if you can’t find it, you may be able to access it online through a library that subscribes to the Brepols Acta Sanctorum database . The digitized volumes are browseable through the Internet Archive and the URLs have been conveniently compiled .

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